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Congratulations to my clients Certified to BRC Stds in the last year all with Grade A

Optima Logistics, Feb'14.

J N Fox and Sons, March'14.

Brittonwood Packaging, March'14.

Label Factory, May'14.

Multiplastics, Aug'14.

2013 Food Safety Recalls:

There were 48 recalls in the UK for food safety issues, which sees an increase on 2012. In addition another 45 recalls were conducted due to allergy issues.

These incidents result in costly and reputation damaging product recalls.

Are you confident in your systems that you won't add to those statistics in 2014?

Food Law Guide

The Food Standards Agency has a quick-check Guide to Food Law, which is updated every three months. Great for keeping on top of new legislation.

Kate Pusey Bsc.(Hons)

A professional food microbiologist with a wide range of experience working in quality and technical functions within the food manufacturing industry for over 15 years.

Self employed food safety consultant for the last 6 years

Specialising in formulating and implementing food safety and quality management systems with a determination to improving quality standards.

A highly competent food safety auditor with a natural ability for problem solving and creating easily implemented action plans.

Skilled in all aspects of food legislation ensuring that food businesses can apply a sound due diligence defence if needed.


The Benefits of an effective Food Safety Program

Useful Info:

FSA publishes food allergen labelling Guidance

Food Safety Consultant

Are you looking for a high quality food safety consultant to help you conform to BRC Standards, undertake Hazard Analysis or set up a full Food Safety and Quality Management System?

Do you need expert help prior to your BRC audit? Are your Food Safety and Quality Policies up to date and compliant with the latest legislation? Is your HACCP adequate to control your food safety hazards? When did you last verify it? Has it been independantly validated? Do your procedures and records provide good due diligence defence and fully implement your food safety management system?

Food Safety Support can show you how to improve your plant, practices and facilities to achieve a higher level of food safety. We are here to help you, and can customise our services to your needs.

Kate PuseyI have over 15 years of experience working within food manufacturing plus over 6 years consulting and so can offer a specialised food safety consultancy service with the knowledge of a senior manager from within the industry.
Please Contact Me for a discussion of your requirements.

My specialist areas


A HACCP based system is required by law for all food manufacturing and catering establishments (See Reg EC No 852/2004). Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point programs provide the best system of protection against contamination and subsequent prosecution.

Do you have the technical expertise in-house to be able to do this? If not, you need a specialist food safety consultant to assist your staff in undertaking the analysis and developing the control systems and documentation needed. Remember your Haccp Plan needs to be technically valid and this can be best done with external independant assistance.

I am qualified to the highest level (RIPH Level 4 HACCP with Distinction) to ensure you are controlling all your food safety hazards.

Read more on HACCP...

Getting the system right and independantly verified can save you time, money and your reputation.