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Aug 2014:
BRC Global Std for Food Safety Issue 7 to be published Jan'15.

Will you maintain that 'A' Grade with a more in depth technical standard to achieve?

New Std to be used for audits from July'15

July 2014:
BRC Storage and Distribution: Change to audit time frame from 18mths to 12mths imposed due to recognition by GFSI.

Campylobacter in raw chickens Survey: Q1 results show 59% birds tested positive while 4% of the external packaging was also positive creating a potential cross contamination risk.

Read more from the FSA ...

Kate Pusey Bsc. (Hons)

A professional food microbiologist with a wide range of experience working in quality and technical functions within the food manufacturing industry for 15 years.

A self-employed food safety consultant for 6 years.

Specialising in formulating and implementing Haccp based Food Safety and Quality Management Systems with a determination to improving quality and safety standards.

A highly competent auditor with a natural ability for problem solving and creating easily implemented action plans.

Skilled and experienced in the four main BRC Global Standards.


BRC Specialist Consultant

Are you looking for a high quality food safety consultant to help you prior to your BRC audit? Do you need help in adhering to all the clauses? Are you just looking at the standard for the first time and don't know where to start?

BRC Global Standard for: Food Safety

Do you have the technical expertise in-house to be able to ensure you conform to these standards? Will you maintain the grade your customers expect?

If not, you need a specialist food safety consultant to assist you in reviewing your food safety and quality management system against the Technical Standard and devising an action and implementation plan to ensure you meet the requirements.

BRC Global Standards for: Packging; Storage and Distribution; Consumer Products.

I can help you understand the requirements of all these standards and help you comply and gain certification.

Kate Pusey
I have over 15 years experience from within food manufacturing and so can offer inside knowledge from the industry. I have also now have 6 years experience as a food safety consultant specialising in BRC Certification.

Please Contact Me for a discussion of your requirements.

I can give you an overview of what BRC is if you are new to the standard, conduct a gap analysis, audit your facility against the standard in preparation for your certifiaction visit and devise action plans to meet the standards.

I can take you through the process from start to finish, writing new policies and procedures, training staff, conducting audits and being there to guide you through the audit itself.

Getting the system right and independantly verified can save you time, money and your reputation.

The Benefits of BRC Certification

I can tailor my services for your specific needs. Just give me a call or drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.