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I am happy to provide contact details for a selection of my current or past clients for you to speak to prior to engaging my services.

Benefits of My Services


"As a business we have been using Kate's services since 2009 and she is our current technical consultant. We have used Kate to help us maintain NACB and Red Tractor certification. She has updated our Haccp Plan, written policies and procedures for us as well as devising new record sheets to ensure we are capturing all the information that is required for compliance with legislation and the various standards we adhere to. Kate is a great assistance to us and is happy to work with us as and when our business requires it on an ad hoc basis. Kate ensures that we are maintaining our systems and complying with best practice. She is always helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate in recommending her services to any business needing a little technical help and expertise."

Duncan Butterworth, MD, Warren Butterworth Catering Butchers.

"We have had our BRC accreditation since 2009. Our Product Safety Manual and the management systems relating to BRC were fairly basic and just about adequate to see us through annual surveillance visits. In late summer 2013, we decided to upgrade the entire system and recognised that we would need professional help to achieve that goal. After just one meeting with Kate Pusey, we knew she had the experience and vision that we needed to implement a new and improved system. Kate worked in close co-operation with employees in every section of the business and she has delivered a BRC Manual and management system that we can be proud of and I believe it is second to none. If you would like to discuss any aspect of my positive testimonial in person, I can be contacted through the office at 01606 330011 or mobile 07802 430801."

2014 Paul Frith, MD, Multiplastics Europe Ltd

"Over a period of years we were slowly working on preparing for BRC accreditation but it has taken Kate's dedication, knowledge and persistence to get us close to the goal of being inspected. She perfectly combines a totally professional approach with humour and, dare I say it, kindness, to move the whole process forward by working with the client in whatever way they feel fits their circumstances. She also manages to balance showing you just how the BRC inspection body will view your systems whilst being the person to help you achieve them with the best interests of your company still preserved. You couldn't find a better person to guide you through the BRC maze!"

2014 Chris Effendowicz, MD, Droyt Products Ltd

"Kate started working with us in October 2013, less than 2 months prior to our BRC Audit. We have been BRC accredited since 2006 but at that point we were in poor shape. Due to ill health our previous consultant had been unable to visit us since our previous BRC Audit and much that should have been done had been neglected. In the weeks prior to the Audit, Kate completely revamped all our BRC systems, including a full rewrite of our Product Safety and Quality Manual and most of the associated documents and forms. Kate did an excellent job in a very short time prompting the BRC Auditor to comment on how much site standards had improved since the previous Audit. Kate is a pleasure to work with. She combines a very pleasant manner with enthusiasm, a drive for perfection and a very high level of technical expertise regarding food safety and related standards. She is always available to give help and guidance via e mail or phone, dealing with issues decisively and efficiently. I have no hesitation in giving the highest recommendation of Kate's consultancy to any prospective client."

2014 Terry Corteen, Quality Control and Project Manager, SJA Film Technologies Ltd.

"We are a paper sack manufacturer and a year ago we decided to try and increase our sales to food companies but to do this we needed to obtain BRC Certification and realised that we would require professional assistance. We were fortunate to employ Kate who has enabled us to obtain certification in 9 months. She is very professional and has guided us through each stage, written our systems and provided the expertise we lacked. I would highly recommend her to any company wishing to obtain BRC certification."

2014 Ron Jones, MD, Britonwood Packaging.

"We had been trying to attain the necessary systems and standards for BRC accreditation for almost 12 months, then in May 2011 we made our best call to date. We contacted Kate Pusey purely by chance after an internet search. She visited us, looked at our rather fragmented systems, and in the space of 4 months got us to the required standard to attain 12 months BRC Storage and Distribution accreditation. During that period Kate quickly got to grips with our business model, rewrote over 90% of our manuals and between us we changed and improved our working practices. At all times Kate was enthusiastic, supportive and extremely helpful with her advice and clarity of vision. She undertook some training of our workforce, they were delighted with her common sense approach and easy going manner. I cannot speak highly enough of Kate and would unequivocally recommend her to any company seeking a knowledgeable, personable consultant who will actually deliver results. It has been a delight working with her for the last 4 months, and it is our pleasure to continue our business relationship long into the future."

2011 Kevin Williams, Optima Logistics Ltd.

"J N Fox and Sons UK Limited has worked with Kate since 2008 when she initially provided us with guidance on the change over of the Global Standard for Food Safety - BRC from issue 4 to 5! Kate was so supportive and her help and guidance in all areas was invaluable. She was very knowledgeable always approachable, professional and enthusiastic. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Kate. We often contact Kate at short notice for help and guidance the issue is dealt with quickly and professionally. We will certainly be using Kate's expertise ongoing in the future and would certainly like to thank Kate for all her continued help and guidance she has provided to us! We certainly would have no hesitation in highly recommending Kate's expertise to any prospective client!"

2010 Stephen Fox MD, Martin Fox Director, Samantha Thurley Accounts Manager, J N Fox and Sons UK Limited

"Trederwen Springs were a new start-up business and from the outset Kate provided us with invaluable guidance & advice ranging from legal requirements to quality control best practice. After her initial audit Kate was able to offer in house training and quality plans for production and was always available for advice on the end of the phone, even if it was simply for re-assurance. We will definitely be using Kate again, and would wholeheartedly recommend her for your full food safety requirements."

2010 Dave Tinsley, MD of Trederwen Springs, Wales.

"Over the 6 years Kate worked for me as Technical Manager she continually surprised everyone with her enthusiasm and ability to deliver higher quality standards and increased customer confidence. She is a self-motivated individual, a solution provider and implementer of strategies to effectively install systems to guarantee long term solutions. With Kate at the helm and her exceptional eye for detail we were always confident that we complied with the latest legislation and therefore I am happy to recommend her consultancy services to anyone."

2009 Ray Bond, former Factory Manger, Britvic Soft Drinks

"We are a relatively small packaging company supplying into the food industry and wanted to achieve BRC/IOP accreditation and so started using Kate's consultancy services last year to fully implement a Quality Management System to the requirements of the BRC Standard. Kate gave us her full support for 1 day a month and we were delighted to achieve BRC Accreditation earlier this month with no non-conformances. We have been very impressed with Kate's work and with the ease of implementation of her suggestions and solutions. We are so satisfied that we are retaining Kate's services on an on-going basis for the foreseeable future".

2010 Colin Doherty, Production Director The Label Factory

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