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Jan 04, 2008:
BRC Issue 5 published.

Changes to the revised Standard include:

Greater emphasis on senior management commitment to achieving an effective quality management system.

Greater clarity and definition of the HACCP section as the cornerstone of a food safety management system.


Kate Pusey Bsc. (Hons)

A professional food microbiologist with a wide range of experience working in quality and technical functions within the food manufacturing industry for over 15 years.

Specialising in formulating and implementing Haccp based Quality Management Systems with a determination to improving quality and safety standards.

A highly competent Haccp auditor with a natural ability for problem solving and creating easily implemented action plans.

Skilled in all aspects of food legislation especially relating to the soft drinks industry ensuring that food businesses can apply a sound due diligence defence if needed.


During 2007 I spent some months in Sri Lanka as a volunteer teaching English - a great lesson in devising simple training programs!

Kate Pusey

This is me with my class of 6 adults that I taught each day in the sweltering heat - a truly fabulous experience.

Food Safety Consultant

Are you looking for a high quality food safety consultant to help you train your staff in Food Hygiene, Haccp, Microbiological techniques, Food Safety, BRC standards?


Food hygiene training is a requirement of law for food handlers. Do you need staff refresher training to ensure that their knowledge is current?

Staff need to have knowledge of Haccp to be able to monitor their ccp's and know what to do when their monitoring indicates a shift away from compliance. I can give Haccp overview training to your staff to ensure they have grasped the principles of HACCP and food safety control.

Do you have the technical expertise in-house to be able to keep your staff trained in Hygiene, Haccp and Food Safety in light of new legislation? If not, you need a specialist food safety consultant to assist you and your staff in complying with the law and having the knowledge to ensure consistantly safe food is produced.

Kate PuseyI have over 15 years experience from within food manufacturing and so can offer inside knowledge from the industry. As a quality manager I know how important it is to have the ownership from the operators of their ccp's and responsibility for hygiene in their area. This is developed by improved training and greater understanding of food safety and hygiene issues.

Please Contact Me for a discussion of your requirments.

Ensuring all your staff are regularly trained in all aspects of food safety and hygiene can save you time, money and your reputation.

The Benefits of a Food Safety / Hygiene Training Program

I can tailor my training services for your specific needs. Just give me a call or drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.